Main Floor

Historic Art


19th Century Couple – Woman

19th Century Couple – Man

Aurore Dupin

Guitar Student

B. Grant Stauffer

Portrait of a Young Man

The Lute Player

The Serious Man

Boy at Well

Cottage Scene

Young Boy Holding a Tudor Rose

Boat on Canal

Canal Scene

Farm Scene

Gentleman in Blue

Portrait of an Artist at His Easel

Portrait of a Woman

Mother & Son

Gentleman with Grey Beard

The Gentleman

Harbor Scene

Young Man with Handlebar Mustache

Portrait of a Man with Goatee

A Portrait of a Man

Cardinal Thomaso Inghirami

The Bookseller’s Wife

Rosy Cheeked Gentleman

Boy with Cap & Riding Crop

Francois-Marius Granet

Portrait of a Member of the Wedigh Family

A Belgian Man

A Belgian Woman