Steven Painter

Over the next several years, Steve worked at several private clubs and restaurants in both Pennsylvania and Florida before returning to The Greenbrier as the saucier and later, sous chef. Upon returning to Pennsylvania, he became Executive Chef of the Lancaster Country Club and later, the Executive Chef of  Bent Creek Country Club in Lititz, PA. In 2017, he joined Kirk Liddell as Managing Partner and Executive Chef of The Log Cabin with the goal of returning The Log Cabin to the greatness that it had experienced in the past.

Steve has had the privilege of cooking with many world famous chefs including Julia Childs, Jean Louise Paladin, Roberto Donna, and Rick Bayless, and has assisted with the classes held at The Greenbrier by the world famous Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris from 1991 to 2008.  He is a big proponent of using locally-sourced ingredients at their freshest, both from nearby farmers, fruit growers and orchardists, and from his own hand-tended raised garden located behind the restaurant above the pond. He also takes special pride in his USDA Prime steaks and  fresh seafood dishes, which he varies seasonally in order to capture the seafood ingredients at their absolute best.